De Giusti

Raphael De Giusti joined Motive Partners in 2018 and is a consultant Senior Research Engineer on the Motive Create Team based out of Belgium. At Motive, Raphael architects and builds prototypes and MVPs for Motive Labs members and executes the value creation initiatives for Motive’s portfolio companies. Raphael brings a decade-worth of experience in designing and building cloud-native services managing large volumes of data.

Prior to joining Motive, Raphael served as a consultant helping financial organisations with data engineering topics. He has worked for and led several start-ups around cloud automation and media analysis and co-founded a content marketplace start-up where he served as CTO. Raphael began his career in academic research before being drawn to the start-up world. Raphael holds a MSc in Computer Science from the Industrial and Technical Institute from Liège, Belgium.


Senior Research Engineer



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