Motive Partners is a next-generation investment firm focused on technology enabled companies that power the financial services industry


Motive Partners applies an integrated approach to address the financial technology opportunity – investing, operating and innovating as a single discipline.

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Our team brings decades of successful experience investing, operating and innovating in financial technology.

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LMRKTS solves the most challenging optimization problems facing the financial services industry, applying break-through mathematics and technology to reduce risk and improve ROE for financial institutions. LMRKTS provides multi-lateral and dimensional portfolio compression solutions across asset classes that drive down exposures and reduce costs for all participants. LMKRTS has eliminated over $5tn in redundant, risk-increasing exposure, delivering results that were not previously achievable.

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Motive Labs is the value creation engine within Motive Partners. We combine our proprietary expertise in financial technology with that of participants in our ecosystem. We provide the insight, connections and diligence needed to unlock and accelerate value for our portfolio companies and partners.

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