News from the month of July


July 31, 2022

To many, Motive has become known for our ‘edge’ – our integrated model of bringing together a powerful patch work of investing, operating and innovating capabilities to invest in the financial technology opportunity. We believe that this enables us to provide transformational capital to our portfolio company partners that truly changes the trajectory of these companies in partnership with their management teams.Our most recent case study of the Motive model in action was the closing of our acquisition of BetaNXT, on which we partnered with Clearlake to carve out theBETA+ assets from the London StockExchange Group. Our team of investors, operators and innovators have been working on this transaction for over two years as a critical piece in the execution of our wealth management thesis.Want to know more? The piece below has been written by our team of investors, who worked on the deal. Here’s why we decided to invest in BetaNXT.

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