Portfolio Services

Portfolio Services is the value creation engine of Motive Create. Our team of experienced operators and innovators are dedicated to the long-term success of our portfolio companies. We work together with our Investing and Operating teams, management teams and partners across the deal lifecycle, from initial engagement, pre-deal diligence and value creation planning through to large-scale programme delivery and value creation execution during the period of ownership.


Pre-deal due dilligence

Leveraging our market leading technical knowledge, datasets and experience we work with deal-teams to deeply understand the businesses in which we invest. We have developed a robust methodology and proprietary tooling that underpin the process.


Value Creation Planning

Using a data-driven framework and technology tool we identify opportunities to create value across our 5 core levers: Product & Tech, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Strategy & Talent and M&A. We focus on improving top-line growth, driving operational efficiency and identifying cross-portfolio and broader industry synergy opportunities


100-day planning

We work collaboratively with management teams to turn the Value Creation Plan into an executable roadmap of work. We help our portfolio companies to identify the highest value activities and mobilise programmes of work to deliver maximum value early.


Executing Value Creation Plans

We have the in-house capability to deliver large programmes of work. Working collaboratively with management teams we identify where we can support and deploy our skilled personnel into high-impact roles and programmes of work, often saving time, cost and ensuring the highest quality talent is available when required.

We are dedicated to the long-term success of our portfolio companies. We work alongside management teams from day 1 of our journey together, and through our deep industry experience and unique blend of technical skills, knowledge, and tools enable our portfolio companies to be the best they can be.
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Portfolio Services

Experts in executing due diligence, value creation planning and portfolio value creation execution.

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