Propositions is the product and technical innovation engine within Motive Create. We have a core focus on sustainability, social impact, and emerging technology. Using our market knowledge, technology, and data we identify new initiatives and business models that can change the industry. We have the capability to build, launch and productionize new propositions driving rapid value creation for our portfolio and partners whilst producing more sustainable and equitable outcomes for our partners, their customers and wider society.


Sustainability initiatives

We aim to use financial technology to drive positive behaviours for our customers and the planet. We leverage the power of Motive’s core platforms to build products that help customers understand their environmental impact and make positive life choices that can make their life more affordable and eco-friendly.

Blossom, LookSee, Green Plan


Societal initiatives

We believe there is a pressing need for digital platforms that serve the underbanked and the financially vulnerable. Building these financially inclusive platforms is a key part of our societal mission, bringing the underbanked into the formal financial system to enable them to live full financial lives.

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Emerging Technology

We operate at the forefront of technology evolution to develop cutting-edge products. We are active in the Digital Asset space, from utilising generative art to create unique identity NFTs on the blockchain, to a mechanism that rewards NFTs to customers for making positive changes in their lives (for example, improved financial habits and resilience).


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Portfolio Services

Experts in executing due diligence, value creation planning and portfolio value creation execution.

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Building new technology assets and platforms that underpin our value creation and innovation activities.

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Driving innovation for our portfolio and partners.

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