We are Financial

Technology specialists.

Motive Partners is a sector-specialist investment platform with expertise, connectivity and capabilities to create long-term value in financial technology businesses.



In 2008, financial institutions were spending just over $300bn (source: Celent) on technology. By 2020 this had nearly tripled to more than $800bn (source: Gartner), driven by seismic shifts in regulation, economic pressures and the emergence of new technologies.

Financial services are crucial for an efficient economic system, yet few truly

understand the complexity of the technology platforms that underpins the industry and the organisations that operate them.

For an investor to navigate this highly complex landscape and capitalize on the forces shaping its future, new ways of thinking, operating and executing have to be brought to the table.

A fully-integrated in-house combination of Investors, Operators and Innovators can help capture the unprecedented value opportunity that has been catalyzed in recent years, and will continue to accelerate through the decade ahead.

Motive Partners is a specialist private equity firm focused on building, backing and buying the technology companies that enable the financial economy.


Financial Technology presents a market value potential opportunity of $9.6tn by 2030

Source: proprietary, Motive

Our strategy

Motive Partners invests in software, information & investment services companies providing mission critical products and services across five core sub-sectors: Banking & Payments, Capital Markets, Data & Analytics, Insurance and Investment Management. We seek growth equity and buyout opportunities in North America and Europe. Our objective is to generate attractive absolute and relative returns without taking undue risk.

Our approach

As industry structures and technologies become ever more complex, we believe that specialization is central to achieving the best results. Motive Partners is a sector-specialist private equity firm with expertise, connectivity and capabilities to create long-term value in financial technology businesses. Our integrated approach provides a competitive advantage when navigating the financial technology opportunity. By applying extensive Investing, Operating and Innovating capabilities we enable management teams to accelerate growth, achieve operational excellence and innovate in a dynamic sector.



Real-world operating and innovating expertise is at the heart of Motive Partners’ DNA. We invest where our differentiated expertise, connectivity and capabilities can empower management teams to achieve substantial value creation and outsized returns without taking undue risk.

Motive Create is the creation engine within Motive Partners. We combine our proprietary expertise in financial technology with that of participants in our ecosystem. We provide the insight, connections and diligence needed to unlock and accelerate value for our portfolio companies and partners.

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